Certification Courses (GR-1, GR-2, GR-3)

Certification Courses (GR-1, GR-2, GR-3) in collaboration with the Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) – operation, operation inspection and supervision, measurement and control:

  • electrical power equipment, systems and networks up to 1 or 20 KV, power generators (units), resistance furnaces, electrical street lighting networks, equipment in explosion-proof execution (all categories) – group 1 (G-1),
  • heat distribution equipment, systems and networks: boiler operators, autoclaves, compressors, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, cooling equipment, industrial furnaces above 50 kW, pumps, fans and blowers (all categories) – Group 2 (G-2)
  • gas equipment, systems and networks up to 5kPa and above, gas furnaces (stoves), fuel gas consuming equipment, gas pipelines, reduction stations, gas stations (all categories) – Group 3 (G-3).

Electrical measurement services – buildings, premises, measuring equipment (machines and devices) and other services.

Course in the operation and maintenance of equipment under the technical inspection of UDT (Polish Office of Technical I

  • access platforms (suspended, fixed, towable, mobile, self-propelled)
  • cranes (portable HDS – hydraulic vehicle-mounted cranes), towable, fixed, self-propelled, rail,
  • overhead cranes and tractors – ground-controlled, cab-controlled, special purpose
  • lifts (freight, hospital, construction),
  • hoists, winches and more.
  • lift trucks (including the I WJO specialized category)

Roadwork and Earthwork Machinery – excavators, loaders

Earthwork Machinery Operation Courses in collaboration with OSU (Lifelong Learning Centre):

  • backhoe loaders class 3 (all types),
  • dozers class 3 (all types),
  • single-bucket excavators class 3 (up to 0.8 m3), class 2 (up to 1.5 m3), class 1 (all types),
  • single-bucket loaders class 3 (up to 1.5 m3), class 2 (up to 2.5 m3), class 1 (all types),
  • graders class 3 (up to 110 kW, class 2 (up to 220 kW), class 1 (all types)
  • telescopic loaders (multi-purpose accessory carriers),
  • piling machines class 3 (pile diameter 600 mm), class 2 (all types),
  • inland suction dredgers (class 3, all types),
  • hydraulically-powered horizontal drilling rigs class 3 (pipe diameter 600 mm), class 2 (all types),

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Roadwork Machinery Operation Courses in collaboration with OSU (Lifelong Learning Centre):

  • machinery for the production of bituminous mixtures class 3 (up to 60 m3/h), class 2 (up to 140 m3/h), class 1 (all types),
  • road milling machines class 3 (up to 1,200 mm wide), class 2 (up to 2,200 mm wide), class 1 (all types),
  • road surface cutting machines (class 3 all types),
  • hand power tools,
  • machinery for the production of concrete mixes class 3 (up to 60 m3/h), class 2 (all types),
  • road rollers class 3 (up to 18 t), class 3 (all types),
  • concrete pumps (class 3 all types),
  • concrete mixers above 1 kV,

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Saw Operator and Lumberjack

  • Mechanical (Electric or Petrol) Saw Operator
  • Lumberjack Saw Operator

TUV (Germany) i IS (Polish Welding Centre of Excellence) Welding Course

  • TIG welding (acid-resistant steel) method - 141, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • TIG welding (aluminum) method - 141, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • TIG welding (black steel) method - 141, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • gas welding (acetylene-oxygen) method - 311, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • MAG welding (electrical) method - 135, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • MAG welding (metal-powder wire) method - 138, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • MMA welding (with covered electrode) method - 111, basic /intermediate/ or renewing,
  • MIG welding (aluminum) method - 131, basic /intermediate/ or renewing.

As part of an agreement with the “Employment Agency” in Germany /Bavaria/ - we train welders (according to the European Standards - TUV) and hand over persons interested in working as a welder to take up a job in Germany /Bavaria/

The “German Agency” provides a contract for an indefinite period of time, wages amounting to EUR 2,050 /net/ - 150 hours /possibility of overtime/ - full insurance, also for the employee’s children.


We are preparing to implement certification for welding of steel or aluminum structures with welding supervision on EU countries or only PL for companies - according to the standards: EN-1090

Welding and Soldering Course

Kursy obsługi urządzeń do:

  • resistance and electrothermal welding,
  • oxyacetylene cutting,
  • flame soldering and brazing.

LPG, CNG and Petrol Station Course in collaboration with TDT (Transportation Technical Supervision)

  • Liquid and LPG,CNG Fuel Station Operation Courses,
  • Course in filling vehicle tanks with LPG ended with Transportation Technical Supervision (TDT) exams.

Health and Safety Courses and Trainings

Kurs i szkolenia BHP okresowe oraz szkolenia wstępne:

  • for Health and Safety staff,
  • for employers and worker supervisors,
  • for engineering and technical staff,
  • for administrative and office workers,
  • for medical staff,
  • for teachers,
  • for blue-collar workers,
  • and other professional groups.

Work at Height Health and Safety Rules,
Methods of On-the-job Training.

First Aid and Fire Protection Trainings

Oraz wykonujemy oceny ryzyka zawodowego na stanowiskach pracy.

Computer courses

Computer courses:

  • Basic,
  • Intermediate,
  • Advanced,

Other courses:

  • Warehouse Management Software,
  • Payment and Accounting Software,
  • AutoCad (for organized groups),
  • GstarCAD (for organized groups),
  • Corel (for organized groups),
  • ECDL computer courses
  • and other computer courses according to customer needs.

ECDL Computer Course

New “ECDL Laboratories” are welcome to register in and current Laboratories are welcome to cooperate with our ECDL Examination Centre (ECDL EC).

We provide ECDL trainings (and ECDL exams) via two commercial mobile labs (30 laptops) anywhere and anytime in the area of:

  • ECDL Start, Core

M1: Concepts of Information and Communication Technology
M2: Using the Computer and Managing Files
M3: Word Processing
M4: Spreadsheets
M5: Using Databases
M6: Presentation
M7: Web Browsing and Communication

  • Base, PTI Standard

B1: Computer Essentials
B2: Online Essentials
B3: Word Processing
B4: Spreadsheets
S1: Using Databases
S2: Presentation
S3: IT Security

  • Advanced

A1: Advanced Word Processing
A2: Advanced Spreadsheets
A3: Advanced Database
A4: Advanced Presentation

  • S4: Image Editing
  • S5: Project Planning
  • S6: Web Editing
  • S7: Online Collaboration
  • S8: CAD (only trainings)
  • eN1, eN2: EPP e-Teacher
  • eU: EPP e-Clerk
  • eC: e-Citizen
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