Specialized courses

  • resistance or Thermal Welder Operator,
  • flame Soldering and Brazing Machine Operator,
  • oxygen Cutting,
  • kucharz (kelner),
  • cook (Waiter/Waitress),
  • beautician,
  • hairdressing
  • accounting Basics,
  • warehouse Management
  • salesperson with Cash Register and Forklift Operation,
  • green Area Maintenance Worker,
  • flower Arranging and Floristry
  • electrician (wireman) with SEP (Association of Polish Electrical Engineers) certificate,
  • ventilation and Air Conditioning Installer with SIMP (Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians) certificate
  • plumbing Installer,
  • painter and Decorator NVQ ,
  • ainter, plasterer, bricklayer, paver, wallpaper hanger,
  • and other trainings and courses according to the needs of companies and institutions.

Cash Register Courses

  • Cash Registers,
  • Cash Registers with Payment Terminal,
  • LPG Station Operation plus Cash Registers with Payment Terminal,
  • Warehouse Management plus Cash Registers and Forklift Driving,

Language courses

  • English (basic, advanced),
  • German (basic, advanced),
  • Geriatric Nurse with German or English
  • Secretary with English or German,

Pedagogical course

  • Pedagogical course under the supervision of the Board of Education.
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