ECDL Computer Course

New “ECDL Laboratories” are welcome to register in and current Laboratories are welcome to cooperate with our ECDL Examination Centre (ECDL EC).

We provide ECDL trainings (and ECDL exams) via two commercial mobile labs (30 laptops) anywhere and anytime in the area of:

  • ECDL Start, Core

M1: Concepts of Information and Communication Technology
M2: Using the Computer and Managing Files
M3: Word Processing
M4: Spreadsheets
M5: Using Databases
M6: Presentation
M7: Web Browsing and Communication

  • Base, PTI Standard

B1: Computer Essentials
B2: Online Essentials
B3: Word Processing
B4: Spreadsheets
S1: Using Databases
S2: Presentation
S3: IT Security

  • Advanced

A1: Advanced Word Processing
A2: Advanced Spreadsheets
A3: Advanced Database
A4: Advanced Presentation

  • S4: Image Editing
  • S5: Project Planning
  • S6: Web Editing
  • S7: Online Collaboration
  • S8: CAD (only trainings)
  • eN1, eN2: EPP e-Teacher
  • eU: EPP e-Clerk
  • eC: e-Citizen

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